Saturday 19 August 2017

My holiday in: Sweden

Leah O'Doherty (9)

Where we stayed

We stayed in an eco-farm in the north of Sweden in Halsingland. It was very cold: -22. We had great fun playing, skiing, tobogganing and ice-fishing on the lake.

Who went with me

My mum, my brother Peter, my friend Katie and her mum.

Who we met

We met Asa and Lasse on the farm and their two cats called Sven and Gunar.

We got to feed all the farm animals and we had a sleigh ride through the forest.

What we ate

We ate lots of Swedish food like purple potatoes.

What we loved

Going ice-fishing. We skied to the lake and drilled a hole in the ice. We all had a fishing rod but we didn't catch any fish which made my little brother sad.

What we hated

When we took our gloves off and our fingers froze because it was the coldest day of the year.

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