Friday 31 October 2014

Lonely Planet's Great Journeys


Lonely Planet's brand new book Great Journeys compiles the world's most iconic journeys from historic pilgrimages to classic train journeys. Featuring everything from journeys you can take today to journeys that have shaped history, Great Journeys includes 78 incredible journeys by road, rail, sea, river, plane and on foot.
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The Silk Road
Containing as many strands as silk itself, the 'Silk Road' was no single road but rather a fragile network of shifting intercontinental caravan tracks that threaded through some of Asia's highest mountains and bleakest deserts.
The Silk Road Credit: Lonely Planet Images/Jane Sweeney
The Nile
Sailing boat or time machine? The world's longest river feels like it's the oldest, and to board a vessel on the Nile is to peel back millennia and slow down to river speed as ancient temples, oxcarts and palm trees - unaltered since Pharaohs ruled the roost - pass by.
Credit: Lonely Planet Images/ John Borthwick

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