Saturday 23 September 2017

'It's like buying ski gear in summer'

"I'm a bit of a travel nut," says mum of three Jeanette Coughlan, explaining why she books holidays a year in advance.

"The family dynamic changes on holiday. You're in charge at home, but you're a different mammy abroad. The kids pick up on that and it's a family team, shopping and whatever." With three children, Jeanette - who is a member of in Kildare which personally tailors trips - says it's challenging to find accommodation. "Holidays are booked for families of four, so five is a nightmare, that's why I plan so far in advance. I like to book my next holiday when I return from one."

In 2017, the family is off to Canada so even more planning is needed. "I have the bones of it booked but it's a bit like buying ski gear in summer - it's strange. I'm really passionate about holidays but I always have my insurance in place in case something goes wrong."

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