Friday 30 January 2015

Best ski gadgets


Used with heated insoles (from €28.55), this clever device lets you control exactly how toasty you want your tootsies to be.With 10 settings, a battery that lasts 18 hours and a remote control fob which you can wear around your neck, your feet will be cosy no matter how chilly the conditions on piste.
Price: £255.43 (€285.50)
REI ski carrier
It might not look very exciting, but this little gizmo binds your skis together and, thanks to a sturdy strap, makes carrying them a breeze. I loathe wobbling through the snow with equipment balanced precariously on my shoulder and this carrier has put an end to that.
Price: $12.50 (€8.60)
Motorola T5 PMR Radio Twin-Pack
Save yourself a fortune in mobile bills by leaving your phone in the chalet and taking walkie-talkies on to the slopes instead. With a range of up to 6km and a battery life of 20 hours between charges, these ones from Motorola will make communicating in the snow a breeze and should pay for themselves after a couple of trips.
Price: £59.99 (€67)
Pro-Tec Audio Force
Keep your head safe and your tunes sound with this helmet. It has ear pads that act as headphones and it's compatible with most audio players. As well as being secure, your head will also be kept warm thanks to the Audio Force's comfortable padding.
Price: £54.99 (€61.45)
Bushnell BackTrack
Useful if you're heading into unknown territory, this simple-to-use GPS receiver can be programmed with three locations and will lead you to where you want to go. A useful gadget off the slopes too, especially when it comes to finding where you parked the car.
Price: £53.12 (€59.37)

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