Sunday 4 December 2016

Aer Lingus pushes the boat out with brilliant 're-naming' of airplane

Flying high

Published 22/04/2016 | 13:00

Planey McPlaneface: Aer Lingus's hat-tip to the celebrated Internet boat.
Planey McPlaneface: Aer Lingus's hat-tip to the celebrated Internet boat.
Ryanair: The airline released a photoshopped image to celebrate Jon Walters' goals against Bosnia in the Euro 2016 play-offs.

Move over Boaty McBoatface. Aer Lingus is winning the Internet with its own take on the social naming phenomenon.

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Meet 'Planey McPlaneface'.

Since the airline posted its high-flying 'Fleet Goals' tweet this week, it has had over 2.5k likes and 2,000 shares, prompting a wave of hat-tips from followers.

The tweet follows a poll run by the UK's National Environment Research Council, inviting the public to name a new polar research vessel.

'Boaty McBoatface' topped the poll with 124,109 votes.

Aer Lingus's tweet is no more than a quick-thinking riff on the phenomenon ("Photy McPhotoshop," as one equally quick-thinking Reddit user posted), but it's the latest in a series of smart moves by the airline's social media team.

Last Christmas, Aer Lingus produced a viral video that saw five ex-pats fly home for the festive season, complete with speechless mammies and teary reunions.

The video got over 750,000 views on Facebook alone.

It's not the only Irish airline re-naming planes, however.

After Ireland qualified for Euro 2016, Ryanair launched a photo-shopped flyer of its own in a nod to goal-scoring hero, Jonathan Walters.


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