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The loves of my life: Nicole Lynch - I love the smell of damp sand in the summer

Published 15/02/2016 | 02:30

Nicole Lynch of Brown Thomas. Photo: Kip Carroll.
Nicole Lynch of Brown Thomas. Photo: Kip Carroll.

The personal beauty stylist at Brown Thomas on the loves of her life including the men in her life and Long Island Ice Teas.

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The hero

The two Ds , my dad and my partner - they are my rocks

The person

My two girls, and the two Mr Ds - they make me laugh and love so much

The memory

The snow falling in the middle of March one year. It was 2am; we were at a wedding, and ended up being snowed in. It was the night I met my fiance

The movie

Stardust - this fantasy film is about a star, personified by a woman named Yvaine, falling from the sky. She is being hunted by witches for her heart, which gives eternal youth . But when she loves, she shines like a star. I love it and watch it with the kids all the time !

The book

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. It's a Gothic love story, and very dark - but such a journey. It's based on Dante's Inferno, and is essentially a love story that follows two souls for 700 years. I have read it at least five times, and it feels like a friend to me

The outfit

I love Alexander Wang - his clothes are cut so well, and are a little different

The accessory

I love perfume, and adore perfumes that last all day and smell a little different. I also mix different scents, and I like perfume oils. My favourites are Tom Ford's Private Blend scents - Noir de Noir; Tobacco Vanille; and White Suede.

The beauty product

It has to be La Prairie Anti-Aging Rapid Response Booster. It's like Botox in a bottle, and every time I use it, people comment on how smooth my skin looks and ask if I have had something done. So it definitely works!

The holiday

Thailand - we were there two years ago, and I love everything about it; I especially love the food and culture. The street-food culture is amazing. I even tried some of their exotic deep-fried bugs! They were quite good and sweet. I love cooking, so for me it's like paradise

The virtue

Loyalty. If I'm your friend, I will be your pal for a long time

The drink

A Long Island Iced Tea, anytime I have one of these I feel like I'm on holidays - it transports me to a happy, warm place

The hotel

Corick House Hotel, Clogher, Co Tyrone. This place is in the Clogher Valley, which is really beautiful. I have so many good memories from here

The bar

Jimmy Johnston's in Augher, Co Tyrone. Well, it's kind of a strange place when you go in first, but the people are full of character, and time stands still when you enter. I just laugh all the time when I'm there, and I also had one of my first dates there with my partner

The part of my body

My hands. I love my hands, and I'm so grateful that I can use them to be creative. I am lucky enough that I use them every day for my job, and for my other love, cooking

The celebrity

Garfield, the cat. He is very funny and so laid-back, and he just lives his life pretty much the way he wants it

The vice

I'm a daydreamer. I like to imagine myself visiting all sorts of exotic places, or I love redecorating a room in my head; this really relaxes me

The smell

I love the smell of damp sand in the summer. We live beside the beach, and I love the way the sand blows up onto the streets in the village. I love the smell of barbecues, too

The taste

Thailand. I love the taste of their food, it's so fresh; and I love the fresh lime and coconut milk in their dishes. My next holiday is to Vietnam, and I can't wait to taste Vietnamese cuisine

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