Wednesday 20 September 2017

Taste test Chicken Liver Pate

Katy McGuinness

Taste Test is going seasonal, planning ahead for the festive feasting. First up is chicken liver pate: handy to have in the fridge for a quick lunch with toasted sourdough, or instant canapés for unexpected visitors.

The Butler's Pantry Chicken Liver Pate, Brandy & Port, 180g, €4.95, 9/10

Made by hand in The Butler's Pantry's own kitchen in Bray, Co Wicklow, from a concise list of ingredients, and without additives or preservatives, this has great flavour.

Dunnes Stores Simply Better Irish Handmade Free Range Chicken Liver Pate, 180g, €4.50, 9/10

This pate from the Dunnes Stores Simply Better range is another winner, with great gutsy flavour, nice texture and bonus points for using free-range chicken livers. Made for Dunnes by Zanna Cookhouse in Co Wexford.

Lotts & Co Chicken Liver Pate, no weight given, €4.25, 6/10

This handmade Irish pate features chicken livers, butter, brandy, shallots, port, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper. The flavours, particularly the thyme, are strong - it's not for the faint-hearted - and the colour very dark. Our testers were divided.

On The Pig's Back Chicken Liver Pate with Garlic and Brandy, 150g, €3.90, 4/10

On The Pig's Back will be familiar to visitors to the English Market in Cork, and it's a company with a fine reputation as an artisan producer. There's a nice short list of good ingredients, but our testers found the pinkish colour alarming and didn't like the grainy texture. Very salty.

Kinsale Bay Chicken Liver Pate, 120g, €2.23, 3/10

Handmade in Cork with red wine rather than brandy. Our testers found it bland and the grey colour visually unappealing.

Marks & Spencer Chicken Liver Pate, 170g, €2, 1/10

The M&S chicken liver pate is made with Madeira wine, and has an alarming pink colour and unpleasant flavour.

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