Friday 20 October 2017

Stylewatch: Ruth O'Neill

Perfect leather combo: Ruth O'Neill
Perfect leather combo: Ruth O'Neill

There's something about Ruth O'Neill. The entertainment reporter went Stateside and returned with a kind of polish and understated dazzle that does not usually occur naturally in the Irish population. It's as if, during her tenure at E! News as entertainment reporter, a little of her A-list interviewees' Hollywood sheen rubbed off on her.

She also appears to have completely dodged that seemingly mandatory rite of passage for any Irish sleb: the 'bandage dress, patent nude Louboutins, too much fake tan and hair extensions' awkward years. If she's ever put a sartorial foot wrong, we haven't seen it. She's single-handedly giving the Irish scene a bit of much-needed LA high gloss.

Also her ability to pull off the 'leather trousers, leather boot' combo, pictured, without veering into Catwoman territory, is pretty impressive.

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