Saturday 23 September 2017

Stylewatch: Men's Style Rules for Summer

Summer lite: James Nesbitt.
Summer lite: James Nesbitt.

Apologies, men - brace yourselves for some gender stereotyping here - but let's face it: summer is a difficult time for you.

Clothes-wise, men flounder. Either they're sweating in inappropriate attire with no concession to the temperature, or else style-caution is thrown to the wind, and they proudly strut, sunburnt and be-shorted, with their T-shirt relocated to the head.

Take your cue from actor James Nesbitt, pictured, who is doing what we've dubbed Summer Lite. James is an Irish man - admittedly one in possession of an enviable physique - but solidly Irish in his colouring, and, as such, he is keeping his summer look safe.

Rule #1: Colour - His light jeans and blue v-neck are summer's answer to the classic navy.

Rule #2: Fit - Keep it slim, not spray-on, one does tire of seeing jean-clad penis silhouettes everywhere.

Rule #3: Feet are for the beach - Nesbitt spares us the feet with a summery take on the brogue in olive suede.

Well played, James.

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