Friday 18 August 2017

Stylewatch: Copy KT and ace city summer in five simple moves

Wear shades all the time like Kathryn Thomas.
Wear shades all the time like Kathryn Thomas.

Structured - The hippie thing is for teenagers and the odd adult bohemian who can pull it off. For the rest of us, go boho on the beach holiday - no one knows you there anyway - but keep things structured at home in the city.

Colour - Summer white on white skin is not something that really works for any Irish person. Your blues, your greys and your tans are a better bet.

Shades ­- Wear 'em at all times, a la Kathryn Thomas, pictured. Shades give even the plainest among us a bit of instant edgy cool

Accessorise - Swap bags; it seems like stating the obvious, but then we spot many an offender sporting a black leather tote, so evidently it warrants mentioning.

Sandals - Sandals will be worn, so get the cloven hoof-like feet in order. Without proper grooming, the feet can look disturbingly close to caged animals.

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