Friday 21 July 2017

So over: Denim in distress

Blogger Suzanne Jackson.
Blogger Suzanne Jackson.

First things first, we love blogger Sooje - Suzanne Jackson, pictured, but what has happened to her jeans here? We're not sure if she has just survived an attack by a pack of wild dogs roaming D2 - should we alert Joe Duffy? Or is the level of jean distress seen here a reluctance to fully commit to shorts in the face of the notoriously fickle Irish sun?

A flash of knee is one thing, or maybe a little suggestive wear and tear, but these jeans amount to little more than a waistband and cuffs strung together with a few hard-working threads. Sooje has the pins for the full gape; for the rest of us, it's best to just stick to, ya know, actual jeans.

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