Tuesday 26 September 2017

Your house is your castle -- so here's how to defend it properly


• Keep your front gate closed and your windows locked.

• Film or photograph your belongings -- this will help the police, and also with insurance claims.

• Chain up wheelie bins and shred personal papers in your rubbish.

• Display Neighbourhood Watch stickers.

• Wire baskets on letterboxes prevent 'keys fishing' from outside.

• Hide the family calendar.

• Give a trusted neighbour a key.


• Dummy alarm boxes are obvious to burglars -- they go to DIY shops too, you know. If you must use one, position it high on a gable wall.

• Thorny flowers planted underneath windows and on climbing trellises are a deterrent -- burglars are conscious of getting scratched and leaving DNA samples.

• Lock all doors when you take a bath -- burglars are always checking for steamy windows.

• Good sensor lights are cheap -- install a few of them around your house. Burglars hate being in the spotlight.

• Decent camera systems will alert your mobile phone to anything suspicious -- and allow you to monitor your home from wherever you are.

• A decent floor safe for expensive items like jewellery and electronics is advisable -- and be sure to get a dial combination as frequently pressed button keys are obvious to thieves.

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