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The travel insurance with my credit card had not got me covered

Published 09/11/2012 | 06:00

Q Brendan contacted Smart Consumer about travel insurance that comes with his credit card.

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"At Christmas last 2011", writes Brendan, "my wife and I had booked to go to Brussels but due to an unforeseen illness we were unable to travel."

When he enquired from his credit-issuing bank about insurance cover for the cancellation Brendan was told that he was not covered for this eventuality.

"I would like to know what credit card is in operation that covers this and who can best advise about travel insurance for both of us?" he asks.

A Cancellation cover is quite a standard clause that's included in a travel insurance policy so in this case perhaps there was an exclusion of some sort (in the small print) that meant they weren't covered.

If Brendan believes he should have been covered and makes a complaint to the insurer, which is unresolved, he can then forward his complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman.

As to what policy he should get, all travel insurance policies are different in terms of what they cover.

So, firstly Brendan should get a copy of his current policy so he knows what exactly he is covered for. Then, if the cover isn't what he wants then he should shop around to find cover that suits.

If he has private health insurance Brendan should also take into account that it may cover overseas medical emergencies, and if so that he makes sure not to pay for that on the double by having it included in another policy.

There are many providers, so one option is to contact an independent insurance broker who will be able to find a suitable policy. He could also use a comparison website such as

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