Tuesday 25 July 2017

Shopping Around: Croissants

close-up of a cup of hot black coffee and a croissant
close-up of a cup of hot black coffee and a croissant

Flaky and buttery, a good croissant should be a very tasty treat. This week we put four own-brand croissants to the test and scored primarily on taste and consistency while giving a nod to nutritional values and price.

Tesco Finest All Butter Croissants x 4

€1.65 (no weight given)

Verdict: To be fair to the other croissants here, these are the premium version from Tesco so are not necessarily directly comparable to the others. No weight is given, making it impossible to compare on price, but these are much bigger in size that the others, so I'm guessing they're second dearest.

Anyway, they come with a big claim on the box from chef Raymond Blanc, "the best croissants I have tasted outside my own kitchen". Well, I haven't tasted his croissants but these were delicious.

They have a good crusty, crunchy flaky outside shell and a delicious buttery inside with just the right consistency.

No nutritional values are given but no doubt, like the others, these are seriously fattening. Winners on taste, nonetheless.

Score: 9.5 / 10

SuperValu Butter Croissants x 4, 168g

€2.38 (€14.17 / Kg)

Verdict: These were dearest of the three by far (and probably of the four) but they scored next highest because they were more authentic and taste good. The outside is flaky and the inside buttery, stretchy and light as croissants should be. These have the highest fat and calorie content of the three but contain the lowest sugar content and joint lowest salt levels.

Score: 7 / 10

Aldi Continental Choice Croissants x 6, 240g

€1.39 (€5.79 / Kg)

Verdict: These are a very good price, the outside is flaky and crunchy but the inside was a bit too "bready" and to our minds not exactly what a croissant should be. But they tasted good. In terms of nutritional values, these came highest of the three for sugar and salt content and second highest for fat and calorie content, which is probably what gives them the taste.

Score: 6 / 10

Lidl Rivercote Croissants x 4, 200g

€1.29 (€6.45 / Kg)

Verdict: These tasted more like Aldi's croissants in that the inside was too "bready" for our liking but they still taste fine. They are second cheapest and contain the lowest calories and fat, joint lowest salt and second lowest sugar content.

So, not our favourites on taste, but good if you're keeping an eye on nutrition.

Score: 6 / 10

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