Sunday 22 October 2017

Price of pet ownership

n Purchasing a rescue dog: €150 (this should cover its vaccinations and neutering along with micro-chipping).

n Annual vaccinations: €30-€35 (updates for kennel cough and de-fleaing are very important).

Spaying/neutering (if not done): €100-€400 depending on size and gender. Unless you plan on breeding, this is essential to avoid 'accidents'.

n Kennelling: €13-€25 per day depending on breed. Kennels are very strict about up to date vaccinations and will look for a vet's certificate.

n Food/treats: €250-€700 a year depending on size. Always choose the best food you can afford. It will save on vet bills later on to keep your dog in tip top shape. Ask your vet about wet/dry food and foods to avoid.

n Insurance: €150-€180.

n Licence: €20.

n Toys, leads, collar, accessories: €150.

n Bedding: €100.

n Annual vet fees: €100-€300.

n Training classes: €25-€300.

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