Monday 24 April 2017

Perfect match - three ring owners on why they love their sparklers

Róisín Keogh. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Róisín Keogh. Photo: Steve Humphreys
Nicola Conroy
Nicola Conroy's ring. Photo: Tony Gavin
Siobhan O'Dowd's ring. Photo: Tony Gavin
Siobhan O'Dowd. Photo: Tony Gavin
Róisín Keogh. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Claire O'Mahony

Art Deco antiques, classic solitaires, show-stopping halos… there's a dizzying array of engagement ring styles. So which do you choose? Here, our reporter meets the owners of three very different rings to find out what made them 'the one'

Nicola Conroy


"For about a year myself and Nick have been talking about getting married. As soon as we started the discussions, I started looking at rings. I have really long fingers and round brilliant-cut diamonds didn't really suit me, and I always knew I wanted an oval diamond. One day we went into John Brereton Jewellers spontaneously to look at the ring I have now - a kind of halo-style, single oval diamond with diamonds on the band. It was gorgeous and for a couple of weeks after that I was worried that somebody else was going to buy it. However, that evening we had gone for dinner and Nick had rung the jewellers from the bathroom of the restaurant and put a deposit down over the phone. I only found that out after we got engaged. That was in November and we got engaged in December. He has really good taste, but buying the engagement ring was always something I'd wanted to be involved in. I did want him to surprise me, though I wouldn't have liked to go into the jewellers and pick a ring after we got engaged, but I did want to steer him in the right direction."

Róisín Keogh


"My fiancé (now husband) initially got me a token ring and then I chose this one myself. It's a solitaire, with a single diamond sitting on a plain white gold band. When I was choosing an engagement ring, I had always liked the idea of an antique ring, but when I shopped around nothing really suited me. It's important to try things on your finger because some things that you think will work, actually don't. When I realised it wasn't going to be an antique ring, the solitaire was what stood out for me. It's what I'd always envisaged an engagement ring being and I was drawn to its classic simplicity - I wasn't interested in anything fussy or anything with more than one diamond. I didn't find it difficult to pick one, as I found that when you go to jewellers, there's actually not a huge amount that you choose from, which is quite good - what you see in one shop is almost a repeat of what you'll see in another, with some variation. I think this ring is very classic and my own personal style wouldn't necessarily be classic, so in that way it's a little bit surprising that I chose it."

Siobhan O'Dowd


My ring is from John Farrington Antiques in Dublin and it was the first one I tried on. It's an Art Deco diamond ring from the 1930s. I'd always wanted a vintage ring - I think in terms of my own personal style, it's just a little bit quirky and I like the idea of having something that's original so that it's not the same as something everyone else has. I don't wear it all the time because it's quite chunky, and I go to the gym most days, but I wear it when I'm going to work and when I'm going out. We had a house fire in October and my jewellery box with the ring in it was one of the things caught up in the fire. The firemen threw it out the window and my friend found it when he was poking through piles of charred, smouldering rubbish in the garden, so it survived that quite well.

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