Friday 22 September 2017

My cultural life: Deirdre O'Kane, comedian, actor

Deirdre O'Kane
Deirdre O'Kane
La La Land
Mad Men

Deirdre O'Kane is a stand-up comedian, actor (Noble, Moone Boy) and TV presenter (Six O'Clock Show, voice of Gogglebox Ireland). She is originally from Drogheda, is a mum of two, and is married to Stephen Bradley, the Irish director, scriptwriter and producer. She has made a long-awaited return to her stand-up roots with a sell-out new show, 1 Dee. She will take part in Paddy's Night in support of Comic Relief, tickets on sale from

Film: La La Land

I think La La Land (below) is probably one of the best films of the past decade. The set design alone blew my mind and the music was incredible - the originality of bringing jazz into it and making it an integral part of the film. For me the director (Damien Chazelle), who is only 32, has managed to create a different style of musical. Without doubt in parts it's an homage to Fred and Ginger, but for me it's more than that. I love the casting - if it's true, Emma Watson must be kicking herself for not taking the role of Mia Dolan as it has allowed Emma Stone the acting job of a lifetime.

La La Land

Artwork: David

The artwork that made my jaw hit the floor was when I saw the statue of David (below) at the Galleria Dell'Accademia in Florence. I was on my honeymoon with Steve and I remember as clear as day turning a corner and seeing it and thinking it was angelic. We were there during winter and so had David to ourselves. It's a thing of beauty. It literally mesmerised me. You see photos of it and see it on TV, but nothing prepares you for seeing it with your own eyes. Even talking about it now, it's hard not to be amazed by what Michelangelo created out of one single block of marble.


Book: The Late Shift

I am reading a book that Gogglebox Ireland producer Darren Smith gave me about late-night talk shows in the United States called The Late Shift - it outlines the battle for night time TV in America and the power struggle between Jay Leno and David Letterman. Everyone had a preference for their favourite host. I was firmly in the Letterman camp. I think that Dave was brighter and I liked his mind better than Jay's, although I would imagine that Jay was more affable and more easily liked. I liked the cynical head of Dave… he was brilliantly quick. Every now and then his darkness came through, but for me that just made him more human.

TV: Mad Men

Mad Men

I think probably Mad Men (above). The cleverness of going back to the 1960s and showing the sexual harassment, smoking and litter in the office, but making it clever and sexy. The design of it is just beautiful and the premise of the show is just so bloody clever. What shouldn't be sexy today is very sexy.

Music: Fionn Regan

I am currently enjoying a piece of music from Irish singer-songwriter Fionn Regan. Steve played me a song by Fionn called The Meeting of the Waters from the album of the same name. Seemingly it's his fifth album. I didn't know any of his work before but I am going to be checking it out now. The video is also very easy on the eye as it features Cillian Murphy. Fionn is a modern day Bob Dylan. Just beautiful.

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