Sunday 24 September 2017

My cultural life: Chupi Sweetman

Chupi Sweetman
Chupi Sweetman
Tracey Emin's 'My Bed'
Arcade Fire
Gilmore Girls

Chupi Sweetman is a multi-award winning jewellery brand founder, and a former Topshop designer. She was the youngest designer ever to work with the fashion brand.

"I went from scruffy student to serious designer overnight and I loved it," she says. But after six years in fast fashion, she wanted to create something that would last, to celebrate Ireland's design heritage and her love for wild and natural beauty, and created the jewellery brand, Chupi. "I've always been fascinated by jewellery, how serious jewellery marks a moment in your life. I fell in love with sparkly things," she confesses. Chupi creates a delicate jewellery collection made for "your inner magpie", and has fans around the world from London to Tokyo. She is married to web designer Brian Durney.

Artist: Tracey Emin

I absolutely adore Tracey Emin (My Bed, 1998, below) her work is so raw I simply adore it! I love how many mediums she works across, including sculpture and painting, she's even delved into jewellery. She's had such an amazing career I can't wait to see what she produces over the next 20 years. Her book Strangeland is also a great book, I'd recommend anyone who likes her work to give it a read. It's absolutely fascinating.

Tracey Emin's 'My Bed'

Film: Beauty and the Beast

I'm a Disney fanatic so I absolutely adore all of the films, but if I had to pick one it would be Beauty and the Beast. I love everything from Belle's dress to Chip, the world's cutest teacup. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter series so I'm very excited about the remake of the Beauty and the Beast film with Emma Watson.

TV: Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

I go from one extreme to the other so it's either super trashy or super nerdy! I was so excited about the new series of Gilmore Girls (above) and it didn't disappoint. I find it's the perfect TV show to wind down with after a long day at work. On the other side of things I really loved the series Fringe. I've rewatched it a million times and was so sad when it ended.

Band: Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire would have to be up there. Their music has marked so many special moments in my life I can't help but be happy when I listen to them. My wonderful husband Brian and I have had the pleasure of seeing them live so many times but one of my favourite memories was when we went to see them in London. It was such a magical weekend!

Book: Harry Potter

Harry Potter is my all-time favourite series. It quite literally transports you to a whole new world! I listen to the audio books while I work as I find them soothing so I think I've listened to each one so many times I nearly know them word for word. Not only are the books amazing but the films are wonderful too, I love seeing the Harry Potter world come to life.

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