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Why these posters are driving us mad

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Published 14/05/2014 | 02:30

An election poster placed at a traffic crossing island.
An election poster placed at a traffic crossing island.

Here's a sample of correspondence from people to Motors on election posters

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Why are they put up at roundabouts especially, where drivers need to concentrate on lane management etc? Enjoy your column.


I happened to be in the US during a pre-election period and at first I thought every house was for sale. Because every house had a political poster in the garden or fixed to the house, and upon inquiring, I learned that was that – posters only on private property.

Other than that, public "jamborees" were held in neighbourhoods, where all candidates can festoon the area with their posters, flags, bunting etc – and they all get a go at making a five-minute speech from a public stage (they draw lots for the order).

And wait for this, everything must be removed and the place cleaned up by 10pm.

Would we ever see the day??


This poster is placed on a pole which is on a traffic calming and crossing island here on Seskin View Road in Tallaght. The poster completely obscures the blue directional arrow on the pole.

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