Thursday 27 July 2017

Visibly better for bikes - but will it work?

How did the chicken cross the road safely? Like this
How did the chicken cross the road safely? Like this
Campbell Spray

Campbell Spray

I'm nearly in agreement with the view of the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors at their annual conference that fluorescent clothing and helmets for cyclists should be made mandatory.

However, as gardai are already incredibly lax about policing cycling offences, such as no lights at night, breaking red lights, riding on footpaths, going the wrong way up one-way streets and many other dangerous practices, I have really big concerns that the suggestion is just an empty gesture.

I also don't how you would ever convince - or make it convenient for - riders of the Dublin Bikes and other schemes to wear fluorescent jackets and helmets. And if they are excused, how could you possibly make it an offence for others?

There was also talk of making pedestrians wear fluorescent clothing. Of course, that won't become a reality but there could be a real move to get more people to wear high-vis jackets, especially at night, when they are out walking on roads where there are no footpaths.

The time of those publicans who are worried about losing their customers because of drink-driving regulations would be better spent buying a whole load of high-vis jackets and then having a duty of care that no-one goes out walking home at night or on a dusky afternoon without putting one on.

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