Tuesday 26 September 2017

Speeding motorists causing more rows

MOTORISTS who drive too fast spark the largest number of in-car arguments with their partners, new research suggests.

More than one in five (22pc) cited speed as a source of rows, with getting directions wrong a strong second on 18pc.

The survey was conducted by the online used car website, 'Tesco Cars'.

It also found that tailgaiting (18pc) and parking expertise, or lack of it (5pc), were the other key reasons for a fight on four wheels.

Men and women drivers revealed they complained to their partners about breaking the speed limit, with 21pc of females saying it was the most likely thing to start off a fight.

Surprisingly perhaps, only 3.9pc of couples said arguments stemmed from rowdy back-seat children.

But 10pc claimed the 'carguments' started in earnest when their partner became too aggressive behind the wheel.

Irish Independent

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