Friday 22 September 2017

Saab and groovy

Campbell Spray

Campbell Spray

LOVERS of Saabs -- and this writer is one of them -- will be overjoyed to hear that the company is coming back in a big way with the launch of the new 9-5 saloon in early September.

This model will be the last of the General Motors' Saabs, following the takeover of the company by the Dutch luxury sports car manufacturer Spyker after two decades of GM ownership. The new 9-5 looks good and distinctive: it will be fast, clean and economical but it is probably future cars that will most benefit from the new ownership.

The 9-5 will be priced at around €36,500 for the two-litre 160bhp diesel with linear trim, while the Vector spec will be €3,000 more. It is great that the future of an iconic brand is now assured.

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