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Regular servicing can ensure an old car will stay the course

Published 07/09/2011 | 05:00

GOOD advice this week from AA for those who are used to newer cars but who find themselves with motors that are older than they'd like.

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The critical thing is to stay with the recommended car-servicing schedule and to check out any changes, such as reduced braking power or poor handling.

The AA said its patrols had noticed a significant increase in breakdowns from those driving older cars over the past three years.

It reckons its breakdown call-outs to four-year-old vehicles has increased by 15pc since the end of 2007.

Its experts say that there are four main trouble areas in older cars -- suspension, bushings, anti-roll bars and drop links.

Worn tyres can often be a problem on cars of this age, too.

The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, but the AA recommends changing a tyre when the tread depth is down to 3mm.

Flat tyres are among the most common faults, followed by faulty or worn-out batteries, as well as alternator, engine and clutch related defects.

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