Friday 21 July 2017

My side of the road

Now listen, I am really in earnest about this. People are driving crazily.

No, they are not zig-zagging around the place.

No, they are not speeding (as such).

And no, they are not breathing down the necks of slower-moving vehicles.

But they are straying all over the lanes and not bothering their collective backsides to let anyone know.

I was coming up from the ancestral home in Clara the other evening and, you must trust me on this, I counted 20 separate incidences of cars pulling out to overtake, heading for off-ramps, 'undertaking' without as much as a blink of an indicator before I got to Dublin.

Now we spend a lot of time criticising young drivers (especially males) and we give out about speeding. Rightly so, but we appear to have abandoned one of the basics of safe driving.

I do try to give others as much space and notice as possible on the road. No, I'm not being goodie-goodie. It is from bitter experience. But even allowing for that, it can still be unnerving when I am passing out two cars and the driver of the trailing vehicle decides to overtake as well. That means two things: he/she didn't check the wing mirror and didn't bother to indicate.

I cannot for the life of me understand why all this is happening. And I can't understand how it has peaked in the past two or three weeks.

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