Friday 20 October 2017

Ford EcoBoost engine to power Focus sales

LAST week saw the arrival in dealerships of the Ford 1-litre EcoBoost petrol engine on the Ford Focus, a powertrain hailed as 'remarkable' by the jury which recently awarded it International Engine of the Year with a record score.

The small (the cylinder block fits on an A4 page) but powerful direct injection turbo-powered engine is the most fuel-efficient petrol engine in its class, with the 100PS version promising 4.8litre/100km (58.9mpg) and emissions of just 109g/km, or 22g fewer than the current 1.6 petrol. The lively 125PS variant claims a top speed of 193 kmh (120mph) yet with a frugal appetite of just 5litre/100km (56.5mpg) and emissions also in Band A, at 114g/km.

EcoBoost range starts from €21,485 for the Focus 5-door entry level model, rising to €22,335 for the Focus Edge, a saving of €300 on the equivalent diesel model. The EcoBoost 125 PS debuts on the Focus Zetec, from €24,235.

In its first full month on sale in Europe, EcoBoost accounted for almost one quarter of Focus sales.

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