Tuesday 26 September 2017

Fined for driving 1km/h over the limit

The Audi Q2, which was tested in Switzerland.
The Audi Q2, which was tested in Switzerland.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

I was driving in Switzerland last week. And I was terrified. I don't think I have ever driven more cautiously.

We were in Zurich to test the new Audi Q2 (reviewed last week) and the Audi people at the event didn't mince their words.

The police observe a strict speeding policy. When they say 'strict' they mean zero-tolerance for driving above the limit. Fines are, by our standards, exorbitant. "Could be thousands," one Audi man exclaimed. "Very, very expensive," another volunteered. The clear message was: just don't break the limit. At all.

There have been examples of people just one, yes ONE, kilometre an hour over the limit being hit with a fine of around €40.

They are serious about road safety (don't mention drink driving).

It didn't stop the odd driver (not in an Audi,) from zipping past us. But in the main there was a modest flow of traffic at reasonable speed.

I think there would be uproar here if someone was fined €40 for going 1kmh over the limit. So are we serious about speed or do the Swiss take it too far? Where do we draw the line?

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