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Top 10 ways to avoid carjacking

We have all heard about the recent spate of carjackings in Ireland and to combat this we have assembled some top tips

Published 09/06/2014 | 12:48

Click the fob when you are about 20 paces from entering the car
We can all make a huge difference when we make road safety a real priority

How to keep yourself safe from the threat of car jacking...

We have all heard about the recent spate of carjackings in Ireland and to combat this we have assembled some top tips from the Institute of Advanced Motorists of Ireland that can keep your car, you and your loved ones safe from personal attack.

Following these tips will give you some idea what to do if, in the unlikely event, something should happen.

1. Click the fob when you are about 20 paces from entering the car. Once the interior lights assure you that all is normal within, place all packages in the car/boot as efficiently as practical. Spend as little time as possible with your back turned.

2. Know how the locking system on your car works. Do you have to activate the central locking, or does it lock itself when the car is moving?

3. Keep all items of temptation out of view of those outside your car. A handbag  or phone on the passenger seat may be the lure for those looking for an easy smash & grab.

4. Don’t be on your phone as you walk to the car. Your concentration will be on the call and not on your possible vulnerability – created primarily by you being on the phone.

5. When returning to your car, scan the car park for any suspicious activity by lone pedestrians or by those sitting in cars/vans. Remember not all who appear to be handing out flyers or leaflets may be bona fide.

6. If you are a business owner, or your vehicle displays your business details, consider laminating the side and rear windows of your car or van.  Clear laminate can be affixed to the front driver and passenger windows, while dark tint, (privacy glass), can be applied to the windows to the rear passenger doors.  This laminate will prevent the window being smashed in.



7. When in traffic, take note of those around you. Note any suspicious movement of persons who may be ‘checking out’ potential targets. If you think you are being followed drive to the nearest garda station or place of high public activity, hotel/ shopping centre. Where there is a roundabout, circle it twice/three times to check if you are being followed. Similarly take slip off motorway and go directly back onto the carriageway on the merging lane. Drive normally – do not speed up.

8. Always hold a good following position when travelling in flow traffic. This will give you a good view of the road ahead of traffic in front of you and allow you plan your own journey. Never got too close to a car in front. As well as placing you in the prime spot to shunt the driver in front if they reflex brake, you could be under surveillance by them for access to your car or goods.

9. Know and keep a good stopped position – remember TOT – Tyres On Tarmac – where you line up the bonnet line of your car with the road contact patch of the rear tyres of the car in front. This will give you a safe space of 2/3 metres, which will provide you with a good view of the road ahead, prevent the exhaust fumes of cars in front from entering your car and importantly, will provide you with an escape route around the car in front.

10. Always park your car in the direction you wish to leave – reverse rear to the footpath. Park in a good-lighted area, beside other cars, where all-round visibility is good.


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