Saturday 23 September 2017

Die-hard fans of Love/Hate can snap up Elmo's 1998 Honda for less than €1k

Freya Drohan

Freya Drohan

Fans of gangland drama Love/Hate now have the chance to own a piece of the show, as character Elmo’s Honda Accord coupe is on sale.

The 1998 motor is currently up for grabs at €950 - and the garage owner admits that he had no idea the car was part of the popular drama.

Laurence Kinlan as Elmo
Laurence Kinlan as Elmo

The Honda Accord coupe has been sitting in a Bray garage for the best part of a year, after its "owner" Elmo was shot by Nidge in a particularly dramatic episode of the RTE series back in November.

By chance, garage owner Peter Deignan decided to re-watch some old episodes of the show and was taken aback to realise that his was the same car being driven around by gangster Elmo (Laurence Kinlan).

“We sold the car to a customer and it was then given on loan to one of the people working on the show," he told the Irish Daily Mirror.

“The car came back in to us several months ago by the person who used to own it. It was a second car in the household and it was no longer needed.

Elmo wrestling with some garden gnomes on Love/Hate
Elmo wrestling with some garden gnomes on Love/Hate

“I honestly didn’t know it had been on Love/Hate until I sat down to watch the show. I suddenly realised the car I was looking at on TV was the car sitting out on the forecourt.

Deignan said that despite the car being 17 years old, there is very little mileage on it.

“As the ad says it’s kitted out with an all-leather interior, air-conditioning, central locking, electric windows, mirrors and seats, along with power steering, airbags and cruise control," he said.

“For those who care about the outside looks of the car, it has a sunroof, central locking, ABS brakes and alloy wheels.”

However, the €950 car will set a prospective owner back €1000 in road tax.

"Then again," Deignan offered. "That may not bother a fan of the show or someone who realises a bargain when they find one.”

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