Sunday 26 February 2017

Your reports: the long and the short of how our cars fare on MPG

Fuel economy always sparks a response
Fuel economy always sparks a response

NO question what fired your imagination this past week. It was the 141mpg return from a Peugeot 208 - or as we calculated here, five Dublin-Galway-Dublin trips. Thanks for an extraordinary response. Here are some of your experiences.


Most of these tests turn out to be bogus in the real world.

The current fuel efficiency tests allow cars to have taped up seams to reduce air drag, super low profile tyres (not sold with the vehicle), test figures based on the car already warmed up (rather than starting from cold like the real world) and all tests are done in an indoor rolling floor or oval track that has no relation to real world driving.

The EU has said it is considering updating the tests but all the EU car makers are worried. They know the current test results are bogus. However, government taxes on car prices are often based on emissions and that is directly related to their cars MPG/KM-L results.

If new more realistic tests were done many cars would suffer a large drop in their MPG figures. This would mean higher car taxes and increase their average emissions.

I await your real-world test on the Irish review and see how far you get going from Dublin to Galway and back until 43litres of fuel run out in real Irish driving conditions. Stephen


Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI 120bhp, 2010, 6spd manual, currently at approx 265,000km. Long-term average, per in car computer, is 6.3l/100km or 45.28mpg. Will achieve as low as 5.7l/100km on longer journeys and actually better if the speed is kept below 110kmh. Mark


I am driving a 1.9 CDTI 150bhp Vauxhall Vectra estate (2006). Tank capacity 55litres. On a recent trip (400km in total), we achieved 6.2l/100km. On-board trip computer was showing 7.5l/100km. But I filled up to max before we left, and on arrival 24.8litres and not a drop more wanted to go in. Bart


Who drives at 56kmh? Would be great for city driving, but what is consumption down to at 100/120kph? I drive a 2009 Octavia, 1.9 TDI and I get roughly 950km per tank, the capacity is about 55 litres, roughly 19km per litre, but I have a really heavy foot. I would take it into consideration if it halved my fuel bill. Michael


I can report I recorded 73.1mpg combined in my F30 318D on a 400km round trip over the weekend. Not too shoddy. John.


Ford Focus Titanium 1-litre 3-cylinder 125bhp petrol. Best on motorway is 6ltr/100km.

Around town varies between 7/100 and 5/100. Went from 1.6 diesel because not doing enough miles but very disappointed in the petrol. Had a 1.4 petrol Corolla which was doing better mpg. Mark


I wouldn't mind testing that Peugeot out on my commute. I drive a 2006 Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi, 120bhp 6spd. I commute 130 miles/209.2km a day. I'm getting approximately 65 miles/106km per gallon of diesel.

That's approximately €15 worth of fuel per round trip at a cost of €1.30 per litre. I rarely exceed 2000rpm in any gear and I believe that is key. Although the Peugeot 208 would more than likely halve my fuel costs. Mick

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