Thursday 20 July 2017

Why washing-up liquid could take the shine off your car's paintwork

Leave washing up liquid to the dishes.
Leave washing up liquid to the dishes.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Using washing-up liquid to clean your car could take the shine off your prized motor.

Apparently the ammonia and bleach in washing-up liquid can break down the wax that was applied to the paintwork to protect it in the first place.

And as soon as that protective layer is damaged, your car's paint could become dull and even begin to crack, experts say. I didn't realise so many people still used washing-up liquid on their cars but a UK study suggests as many as 43pc of car owners still do.

And while I'm sceptical of the commercial motives behind the study - it was conducted by car-cleaning products purveyor Simoniz - we must assume the core facts to be correct.

The thing is there never was as many car-wash and protection products on the market. So maybe it would be best to leave washing-up liquid to the dishes.

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