Wednesday 26 October 2016

Volkswagen stretches range of its electric Golf to 300km to take on BMW

Published 01/06/2016 | 02:30

Dramatic boost: e-Golf.
Dramatic boost: e-Golf.

Volkswagen are to give their electric Golf a dramatic boost in the number of kilometres it can cover on one charge, as they step up the battle to win more buyers and take on the likes of the BMW i3.

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The substantial expansion of range will coincide with a facelift across the whole Golf range in October.

The e-Golf development is also seen as closing the performance gap between it and the newly-upgraded BMW i3 electric car (pictured below).

Volkswagen reckon the new e-Golf will manage 300km on one charge. That is up from 190km and, even allowing for the fact that these figures are based on ideal conditions, it still represents a significant increase. It is probably more realistic to expect it to cover 200km in everyday driving.

A central factor is a new 36 amp-hour (Ah) lithium ion battery which replaces the current 24Ah. As a result, the battery's capacity increases by around 48pc. Recharging time remains the same. There will also be a revised electric motor (up 21bhp to 134bhp).



The new e-Golf 5dr will be 20kg heavier but a second quicker to 100km/h (9.3secs).

It is not known if there will be a price increase. The current one (above) is quoted at €34,145 on-the-road (OTR) on the official Volkswagen website here. That price is possible because of an SEAI grant of €5,000 and a similar amount in VRT rebate.

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