Wednesday 23 August 2017

Volkswagen most popular new-car make bought last month despite scandal

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

DESPITE its public travails, customers’ loyalty to Volkswagen here seems to be holding firm as new CSO figures show is was the most popular new-car make bought last month.

Even with sales at a trickle this time of the year, the total market was still up 26.5pc over November 2014 - an indication that a minority of buyers are not overly influenced by not-so-new number plates.

Volkswagen (204) was followed by Opel (187), Ford (166), BMW (152) and Renault (130) last month with the five marques accounting for 44.8pc of all new private cars licensed.

And despite the bad publicity surrounding diesel in the Volkswagen scandal, seven-in-10 (71.1pc) cars licensed so far in 2015 were powered by the fuel which most consumers regard as being easier on fuel than petrol.

That partly explains why by far the highest proportion of cars fell into the lowest road-tax band this year.

The CSO figures show 62,955 of the 85,479 diesels were in the A-band with 21,566 of the 32,753 petrols (mostly small engines) joining them.

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