Friday 26 May 2017

Study shows Irish mums are driving surge in SUV sales

The Ford Kuga.
The Ford Kuga.
Honda HRV
Hyundai Tuscan
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

Everyone knows people are buying SUVs/Crossovers nearly faster than they can be manufactured.

But who exactly are those people and why are they so besotted?

Ford recently undertook a survey across Europe - they asked 5,00 people - to try to get some focus.

They found that mothers with young children, Millennials, and active 'fifty-somethings' are among the main drivers of the phenomenon.

Honda HRV
Honda HRV

The researchers discovered that nearly one-in-three mothers with children still at home are thinking of buying an SUV.

A quarter of people aged between are 17 and 34 are 'thinking' of buying one.

And 20pc of those over 50 (would you believe they call them "Quintastics") are also pondering the possibility.

Figures show the percentage of SUVs sold in Europe compared with total car sales has shot up from 6pc in 2005 to 23pc last year.

And all the experts are forecasting the increase to continue for the foreseeable future. One thing the survey found was how our perceptions of SUVs have changed.

More than four-in-five (82pc) no longer regard them as luxury vehicles.

Hyundai Tuscan
Hyundai Tuscan

They also reckon they have become more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly over the past five years.

For 'modern mums' practical considerations score high as does style (56pc).

More than 80pc said the perception of SUVs' good performance "in bad weather, and on bad roads" has become more important.

Millenials see the SUV 'as a symbol of success'.

The survey says: "For 36pc, driving a car that makes them feel powerful has become more important over the past few years, a feature that 45pc most associated with SUVs."

And for "Quintastics" a high driving position has become more important for 81pc over the past few years.

And 44pc say they want a car that "supports an active lifestyle" - something they feel an SUV gives them.

* let us know why you have/would/will/will not buy a SUV:

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