Sunday 23 July 2017

Rivals now 'polluting' more than Volkswagen, study claims

Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

VOLKSWAGEN'S diesel-car rivals in Europe are now more polluting than the besieged German giant, a new lobby-group study alleges.

A year on from 'Dieselgate', the Brussels-based Transport & Environment (T&E) group's report says not one brand complies with the latest air pollution limits ('Euro 6') for diesel cars/vans in real-world driving.

The critical words there are 'real-world driving' - as opposed to official, published figures. T&E is a European umbrella for 40+ non-governmental organisations. Its findings will be hotly disputed and contested by the car brands.

The group analysed emission test results from 230 diesel cars with data taken from British, French and German government investigations as well as a large public database.

It was the on-road performance figures, mostly measured in real-world driving, that prompted its claim that Fiat and Suzuki diesel cars, on average, pollute 15 times more than the NOx limit.

The limit is 80mg of NOx/km for Euro 6 standard and 180mg for Euro 5. The report claims Renault-Nissan vehicles were 14 times over with Opel/Vauxhall 10 times the limit. VW's diesel cars were twice the Euro 6 standard. T&E says VW's better performance had "nothing to do with Dieselgate, but with better technology choices".

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