Tuesday 26 September 2017

How charging on the move has just come a step closer for EVs

It should soon be possible to power cars 'on the move'.
It should soon be possible to power cars 'on the move'.
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

It is still some way off but scientists seem to have taken a significant step towards making it possible for far more electric cars to be 'powered on the move'.

That is thanks to a new, more powerful wireless charging system.

The latest development in the area represents quite an advance, by all accounts.

It has been shown in the US and, it is claimed, could match the output of existing fast-chargers - while cars are 'on the go' (technically stopped at traffic lights etc).

The 20kW wireless system was developed by US government-backed Oak Ridge National Laboratory with Toyota, Cisco Systems, Clemson University and Evatran. It has been shown to work with a Toyota RAV4.

With such a system vehicles are charged when underground grids transmit current to a plate on a car.

Planners say it would suit commercial vehicles and buses most because they travel regular routes. Cost, however, remains a major factor.

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