Thursday 27 April 2017

How bigger engines are winning top awards again

Ford Fiesta
Ford Fiesta
Eddie Cunningham

Eddie Cunningham

While we report elsewhere about how engines are getting smaller, the 2016 International Engine of the Year winner provides a different perspective.

It has been 10 years since BMW's V10 in the M5 won the award. Since then it has been a story of smaller following smaller. Right down to Fiat's 875cc two-cyl winning in 2011. Then Ford's 1.0 3cyl dominated.

But this year's winner is the Ferrari's 3.9 twin-turbo V8 in the 488. It has technologies that will trickle down to other FCA products, in turn raising the standard of powertrains around the world.

BMW won 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre category with its 1.5-litre 3cyl, PSA retained the 1-litre to 1.4-litre title for its 1.2-litre 3cyl turbo and Ford claimed the sub 1-litre award for the 1.0 EcoBoost in, among others, the Fiesta (pictured). Others included: Tesla's Green Engine, Audi's 2.5-litre 5cyl turbo, Mercedes-AMG's 2-litre turbo in the A45, CLA45 and GLA45 models and Porsche (2.5-litre to 3-litre class) for the new 3-litre 6cyl turbo in the 911 Carrera.

* The International Engine of the Year Awards involve 62 motoring journalists from 31 countries. Padraic Deane of Automotive Publications represents Ireland.

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