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Saturday 20 September 2014

Will.I.Am joins Lexus for striking angles campaign

Published 06/08/2014 | 09:49

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Lexus Europe today announced a creative partnership with global entrepreneur, innovator and musician,

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The Grammy award winning has joined Lexus for something they call Striking Angles to coincide with the launch of the Lexus NX. As part of the campaign will design his own edition of the NX, I'm sure someone will keep an eye on what he does because judging by his clothes this could go very wrong. said Whatever I do I want it to be striking, I want to innovate and revolutionise and my partnership with Lexus on the Striking Angles campaign is no different. Inspired by a shared philosophy in design, we've been able to work together on a multi-faceted campaign that will challenge design conventions and fuel people's imaginations."

Challenge design conventions sounds suspiciously like marketing speak for "I'm going to have a fat free latte while people show me fabric colours"

The Lexus NX will launch later in the year and it looks good so far, I'm sure we'll hear more about fueling imaginations with his design I'm not sure if we'll get to drive the design actually I'm not sure I want to

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