Monday 26 January 2015

Hotel Valet crashes a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder into a wall

The video below will make you cry.

Published 11/07/2014 | 07:40

The hotel Valet lost control of the Supercar while trying to park

A valet at a five-star Le Meridian hotel in New Delhi might be currently looking for a new job after he destroyed a Lamborghini Gallardo, causing nearly a quarter of a million Euro in damages.

The front end of the supercar was badly damaged when the Valet lost control after getting back into the car.

The man who was borrowing the car said "The car had been parked by valets a number of times before.

"Even that afternoon, the valet took the car to the parking safely and even brought it back to the porch area without any hassles."

After the Valet brought the car around the front of the hotel he got out, when he got back in the car appears to take off uncontrolled. Luckily no one was standing directly in front of the car when the incident happened.

Anyone want to hire a new Valet? He has extensive experience in supercar handling.

Watch the video above.

Lamborghini smashed by Vallet parking driver at hotel LeMerdien,Delhi
Lamborghini smashed by Vallet parking driver at hotel LeMerdien, Delhi


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