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Irish men: Sleep with someone else but don’t fall in love

Irish men reveal that they would rather their partners indulge in one night of passion rather than fall for someone else.

Published 25/06/2014 | 11:13

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40% of men want ‘fun without the stress of a relationship’ compared to just 12% of ladies.

Irish men would prefer their partner partake in a one night stand rather than fall in love with another.

When quizzed, 65pc of men revealed that they would be more upset to discover their love had developed an emotional connection with someone else instead of just indulging in a passionate one night affair.

It was revealed that Irish men are more likely to be casually unfaithful than Irish women, who have a greater tendency to fall in love with their bit on the side.

As suspected, the survey conducted by dating website Elitesingles, dished that 40pc of men want ‘fun without the stress of a relationship’ compared to just 12pc of ladies and that women are more likely to seek revenge on a cheating partner.

Over half of men couldn’t explain the reason for their infidelity but 25pc of women cited lust and relationship boredom as a reason to sleep with another partner.

As a nation, the Irish are not very forgiving, with only 20pc of us prepared to forgive a wayward partner. The qualities most sought in another half, faithfulness, honesty and happiness, were also revealed.

Despite the risk, Irish men and women are still committed to finding love and 30pc of us have turned to online dating in the hopes of meeting the Mr or Mrs. Right.

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