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Interiors: Big up your small space - some clever tips

Published 18/07/2014 | 02:30

Oliver Bonas
Oliver Bonas
Ottoman, €559, Daisy and Delilah
Storage boxes, €35, Oliver Bonas
Pendant Light, €145 Sweetpea and Willow
Chest of drawers, €850, Alexander and Pearl
Hooks, €19, The Contemporary Home
Kente Print, €69, Letitreign

Got a cosy (ahem tiny) bedroom? Although you can't change its size, with these clever tips you can trick your eyes into seeing it as the spacious boudoir you always wanted.

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Go for a bed that has built-in drawers underneath. You'll be surprised the amount of clothes that you'll be able to squeeze in, without the clutter. If a bed isn't an option, a trunk or box at the end of your bed will add some interior-chic and it's a great place to store spare bedding, pillows and blankets.

Ottoman, €559, Daisy and Delilah

Get space savy

  • The less furniture, the more spacious a room looks and feels. Go for multipurpose pieces like small shelves that work as a dressing table at the top or storage boxes that work as a nightstand.

Storage Boxes, €35, Oliver Bonas

Lighten up

  • Don't take up precious bedside table with bulky lamps. Instead hang two lights either side of the bed or go for a wall mounted light, it will give you a clearer, less cluttered surface around your coveted sleeping space.

Pendant light, €145 Sweetpea and Willow


  • Lighter, softer colours like creams or icy blues will convert a tiny interior into seemingly bigger as they will maximise natural light.
  • Painting the ceiling the same hue as the walls can help erase the lines that visually define a space, it makes it harder for your eye to tell where the room starts and ends, so the room looks bigger.
  • So we all know the trick about mirrors but what about mirrored furniture? It will look pretty and it will work like a mirror reflecting light into every corner.

Chest of drawers, €850, Alexander and Pearl

Hang on

  • Thick heavy curtains will just add bulk and shrink a room - switch to blinds instead. If that's not your interior style swap up curtains for sheer drapes instead.
  • Consider adding floor-to-ceiling wardrobes with mirrored or reflective doors, not only will they fake a high ceiling as they'll draw the eye upward, but they'll free up floor space and provide super storage in one.
  • Don't hide away your handbags or jewels, make features of them and hang like art from hooks on the wall, it will free up space and look super pretty too.

Hooks, €19, The Contemporary Home

Art attack

  • Hang or place prints on a distant wall, by drawing the eye to a further spot you'll expand the perceived depth of field giving a way-over-there spacious feeling. Kente Print, €69, Letitreign

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