Saturday 25 March 2017

Clever ways to plan the perfect children’s bedroom

Tall library by Ouef NYC, available at for €650.
Tall library by Ouef NYC, available at for €650.
A bunk from the Julien collection at Cuckooland,
Sharks wallpaper at €26 per roll by Albany Kids from
From the Denim Collection at Galerie, €39 per roll,
Set of four colour mounts, €62; coat hook, €13; wall plaque, €90; and sideboard, €420, all at Next Home,
This cotton teepee is €155 from

Ciara Elliott suggests seven clever ways to get inventive and creative when planning the perfect children’s bedroom.

Play with texture

Two-tone will look good in any room in the house, but this particular wallpaper has the look and feel of denim and would be perfect for a little boy's or teenager's bedroom. It also comes in a dusky pink or green.


Get the look:

● Wallpaper from the Denim Collection at Galerie and is €39 per roll,

Simple Updates

Think 1970s orange and brown would be a bit OTT in most rooms in your house? One of the best things about planning a bedroom scheme for kids is that you can hush your inner style snob and let your imagination run wild.


Get the look:

● Set of four colour mounts, €62; coat hook, €13; wall plaque, €90; and sideboard, €420, all at Next Home,

Room to Grow

When transitioning a kid's bedroom from baby to toddler to school-goer, and designing a space that will grow with them, think of fluid areas that will adapt to suit their different needs. A space that starts as a colouring and drawing space can ultimately grow into a full-blown homework area so a 'study nook' is a must.


Get the look:

● The tall library shown is €650 by Ouef NYC and available at

Base Camp

If every play date at yours starts with the inevitable battle cry of "let's build a den!", you'll know how much kids love to create their own private hideaways. Protect a messy raid on your laundry cupboard and let their imaginary adventures take off in a teepee or indoor tent instead.


Get the look:

● This cotton teepee is €155,

Writing's on the Wall

Whether they're for playing noughts and crosses or pinning up pretty postcards, party invites and save-the-dates, you can never have enough peg boards, blackboards, white boards and cork boards when there are kids in the house.

Get the look:

● There's been a real trend for painting out walls in blackboard paint but this piece from Rowen and Wren has done the hard work for you. Whitby Chalkboard Pantry Cupboard, €1,900,

Clever Storage

Every home needs good storage solutions but when it comes to kids' bedrooms and playrooms, there's just too much stuff to incorporate. Look for beds with trundle drawers, integrated storage and drawers for storing clothes and toys.


Get the look:

● This bunk is flexible as the under-bed space can also be used as a study zone. It is €770 and is from the Julien collection at Cuckooland,

In Full Colour

Whether you like sweet whimsical prints, ditsy nautical emblems or fantasy woodland designs, there are so many brilliant ideas in wallpaper now that, you name it, you will find it. There's possibly no better way to start building a scheme for your room.


Get the look:

● We love this Sharks wallpaper by Albany Kids which is €26 per roll,

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