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'We can't have children until we have bought home'

Published 25/07/2014 | 02:30

Paul Oates who was trying to buy a house with his girlfriend in Dublin. Picture: Arthur Carron
Paul Oates who was trying to buy a house with his girlfriend in Dublin. Picture: Arthur Carron

A DUBLIN couple have been forced to put plans to start a family on hold because they can't afford to move out of an apartment and into a house.

Garda Paul Oates (32) and teacher Catherine Verschoyle (30) wanted to buy a house before their December wedding.

The couple are both from Ballinteer and he said that he and his fiancée searched for a house in the Dublin 16 area.

"We want to start thinking of children, but you can't raise a family in a small apartment," said Mr Oates, pictured inset.

They started looking for a family property in July 2013 when average prices were €300,000. They decided to save for a few months not knowing prices would increase.

Mr Oates said: "One week in December houses were selling for €315,000. Just a couple of weeks later they started reaching €400,000. We just couldn't afford that".

At the time of the last property crisis in 2007, Paul was earning a lot more than now. He's angry because "the increase in property prices this time around doesn't match people's decreased wages".

He warned: "I heard Enda Kenny on the radio today and he was saying that there isn't a property bubble in Ireland. The man has his head in the clouds."

He believes that property prices will get worse.

"There is such shortage of houses in the area that we're looking for in Dublin 14, 16, 18, that homeowners can make their properties as expensive as they want," said Paul.

Plans to have children have stalled: "You could probably raise a kid in an apartment until they were a certain age, but eventually you have to move on," said Paul.

"I mean I want my kids to have a back garden to play in."

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