Saturday 23 September 2017

The advantages of youth

It seems that the factors affecting the negotiation of a sale are in play long before the viewing.

Miles Shipside, director of RightMove, one of the largest property sales websites in the UK, believes that it's young buyers who are in a better position to win the hearts and minds of sellers.

Having worked with buyers in the past, I had always believed this to be an Irish phenomenon but it seems that it is human nature. Where the finances are equal - or close enough - sellers are more likely to choose to sell their home to the enthusiastic young first-time buyers who have fallen in love with their home, rather than to the absentee landlord.

And something for over-protective fathers of young buyers to note: showing appreciation for the property during its viewing doesn't impact negatively on price and negotiations. In fact, lifting a carpet and muttering about a smell of damp is more likely to have the viewing time reduced than the price.

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