Monday 25 September 2017

Man organises heartbreaking event for dog's last walk on the beach before he is put down

Walnut the greyhound. Picture: Mark Woods/Facebook.
Walnut the greyhound. Picture: Mark Woods/Facebook.
Walnut the greyhound. Image: Mark Woods/Facebook
Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

A man has organised an event asking members of the public to join him and his dog Walnut for their last walk on the beach together before Walnut is put down.

Mark Woods has had his best friend Walnut the greyhound by his side for the last 18 years, but on Saturday 12th November Walnut will be put down.

Mark made the decision to have Walnut euthanised due to Walnut's deteriorating health which has caused him to collapse on several occasions.

"I have owned Walnut for a long time and he has been my strength for many years," Mark told

"I have struggled with illness and had some bad times in my life and he has helped me through some desperate situations and I owe it to him to give him this back."

"He sleeps with me in bed and cries when I am not around. It is a desperate situation and not good."

For his last day, Mark wants dog owners, dog lovers and dogs to join him and Walnut on his favourite beach for their final walk together.

Mark shared a post to Facebook asking people to come along for Walnut's last day, and it has since gone viral.

Walnut the greyhound. Image: Mark Woods/Facebook
Walnut the greyhound. Image: Mark Woods/Facebook

"Sadly I am having to have Walnut euthanised on Saturday 12th November and so we will be having a last walk together on his beloved Porth Beach [Cornwall, England] at 9.30am," he wrote.

"I would love it if dog lovers/owners and friends would join us for a celebration of Walnut on his favourite Porth Beach. He has had an incredible life and having reached the grand age of 18 is ready for his final sleep. Hope to see you on Saturday."

Mark has received overwhelming support since publishing the post, and shared a photo of Walnut lying on his lap "replying to messages."

"Walnut answering messages on Facebook which have been beautiful and moving and supportive," he said alongside the photo.

Mark's original post has since received over 350 shares and 1.5k comments of other dog owners wishing them a memorable last day together.

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