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In Pictures: Inside the enviable houses of Ireland's rich and famous

While some certainly proved that money can’t always buy taste, others were so stylish they awakened envy deep in our bellies.
While some certainly proved that money can’t always buy taste, others were so stylish they awakened envy deep in our bellies.
Brian and Amy purchased a fixer-upper in Dublin's Rathmines
Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman recently purcheds a home for €1.95m in Rathmines
Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman recently purcheds a home for €1.95m in Rathmines
Lorraine Keane in the hallway of her Monkstown home
Lorraine Keane: The kitchen is from Customtone, Crumlin, Co Dublin, run by brothers Paul and Philip Malone.
Lorraine Keane: Lorraine and her family spend their evenings relaxing in the first-floor living room. She chose a more traditional design to make the room feel warm, cosy and inviting.
Sybil Mulcahy in the spacious kitchen, which came complete with a Wedgwood-blue Aga. She updated the style of the kitchen by having the area behind the Aga tiled. She also had all the beech units painted and added pieces like the high-backed stools from DFS.
Sybil Mulcahy: The elegant hall struck Sybil the first time she saw the house. “We walked in, the fire was lighting, it was all lovely and we thought, ‘oh holy, no way would we be able to afford this’”
Sybil Mulcahy: A bedroom in the south Dublin home of Sybil Mulcahy
Marian Keyes in her drawing room. She's sitting on a sofa which she bought with her first royalty cheque. It's covered in Designers Guild fabric. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Marian Keyes: The Poggenpohl kitchen in Marian Keyes's house is pristine, as, according to her, she and Tony only cook simple meals. Photo: Tony Gavin.
Marian Keyes: Another view of the drawing room to the front; the mantelpiece is not original to the house.
Sonya Lennon: The decor in Sonya’s living room was inspired by the Tom Ford-directed film ‘A Single Man’.
Sonya Lennon: The master bedroom, with graphic prints by Donald Judd and bed linen by Paul Costelloe Living.
Sonya Lennon: The dining room.
Adele Condron-King, aka Twink, at her home in Knocklyon, Dublin Photo: Tony Gavin
Adele King (Twink): Another fairytale bedroom in Knocklyon
Adele King (Twink): The entrance hallway in Knocklyon
Moya Doherty (59) and John McColgan (70) are believed to have made in excess of €89m from the global domination of Riverdance
Moya Doherty (59) and John McColgan (70): Danes Hollow is on the market for €9.5m through Ganly Walters. Photo Chris Bellew / Copyright Fennell Photography 2015
Moya Doherty (59) and John McColgan (70): Danes Hollow is on the market for €9.5m through Ganly Walters. Photo Chris Bellew / Copyright Fennell Photography 2015
Eilish O'Carroll is selling her cottage in Castletownshend, Co. Cork. Photo: Tony Gavin 1/6/2016
Eilish O'Carroll: The living room in the cottage at Castletownshend, Co Cork
Eilish O'Carroll at her cottage in Castletownshend, Co. Cork. Dining room. Photo: Tony Gavin 1/6/2016
Darren Kennedy in his Dublin home
Darren Kennedy: “My partner Aidan painted a couple of the bigger canvas paintings so they take pride of place for obvious reasons. I've also lots of framed pictures of family which are very important to me.”
Darren Kennedy with his dog Harry in his Dublin home
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Whether you love them or hate them, it can be difficult to pass up the opportunity to have a snoop through the homes of Ireland’s rich and famous.

Over the years, has brought our readers over the threshold and right into the homes of Irish celebrities, scratching that voyeuristic itch ingrained in so many of us. While some certainly proved that money can’t always buy taste, others were so stylish they awakened envy deep in our bellies. So, shamelessly take another opportunity to take a second tour through these celeb abodes.

Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll

Location: Rathmines, South Dublin


Ireland’s golden couple have recently signed a deed to their new home in Dublin’s Rathmines, which they bought for €1.95m earlier this year. Amy and Brian will have a big renovation job on their hands, as the property is currently divided into three apartments.

Speaking of the move, Amy admitted the family is excited to embark on the new project.

66 Palmerston Road 6.jpg

"I was actually on a walk with my cousin around that area and we weren’t even looking to move, it was all a bit of an accident," she said.

"It is a really pretty old, old house and we kind of went for it. It needs a bit of TLC but I love it."

"It’ll be fun but it’ll be a lot of work."

Lorraine Keane

Location: Monkstown, Co. Dublin


Telly presenter Lorraine Keane lives in red-brick terraced house in Dublin’s Monkstown with her husband Peter Devlin and their daughters Emelia (12) and Romy (9). When the pair purchased the home in 2003, it was a “real wreck” divided into eight flats and a complete renovation was needed.

"The key thing to do with interiors is to have your background and base as neutral as possible, and then you can change your soft furnishings very easily and at less expense."


"I like antiques but not lots of them. I think one or two pieces in a room can be enough, because they can be very imposing and they're usually quite large and heavy."


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Sybil Mulcahy

Location: South Dublin


Editor and TV presenter Sybil Mulcahy lives in South Dublin with her husband John Prendeville and their three children Hugh, Genevieve and Michael. The family moved into their new abode in 2014, and Sybil said it’s exceeded all of her expectations.


"We didn't realise how big it really is, or that we now had a huge garden - there are trees that are so big they should be in the Phoenix Park," she said.


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Marian Keyes

Location: Fairview, North Dublin


Marian and her husband Tony live in the same south Dublin home they purchased when they returned home from the UK 19 years ago. The home - a double-fronted period house- is a reflection of the author herself full of colour, mainly pink and purple.


"I wanted to create a Victorian feel, a feeling of Gothic, I wanted foliage, flowers, opulence and unapologetic mixing of patterns.”

"I feel it's dated but I love it. I'm the one who has to live with it and I love living in it."


Sonya Lennon lives in her “colourful dream house” with her partner, graphic designer David Smith, and their twins Evie and Finn. The couple purchased the home in 2003, and a large renovation ensued, stripping out the property to transform it into the warm family home it is today.

"I think our homes are always an extension of our personal style.”


"Both myself and Dave are creatives, so it wasn't about choosing the safest option, it was about making a statement we could live with and that suited the space as well."

"I absolutely love it.”


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Twink (Adele King)

Location: Knocklyon, Dublin


It’s been the home at the centre of headlines for years and Adele King has finally pulled the curtain on her Knocklyon home now on the market for €1.2m. The Georgian mansion is the one she shared with estranged husband David Agnew and their daughters.


"It breaks my heart. This was my dream home of more than 20 years. I fought tooth and nail to hold on to it, I really did. But now I have to accept the fact that it's being sold," said the former singer, stage actor and pantomime queen.

"I still find myself breaking down and crying at having to leave. I have actually been looking around at other houses - I haven't decided yet where we're going - and the funny thing is that many vendors have talked to me and told me that they're selling for the exact same reason I am."


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Moya Doherty and John McColgan

Location: Howth, Dublin

danes hollow final.jpg

Earlier this year, the co-founders of Riverdance placed their idyllic north Dublin home, Danes Hollow, on the market for €9.5m. The pair, who is estimated to be worth €89m, purchased the one-acre seaside site in 1997, and purchased a further 2.3 acres on which they built their dream home.

danes hollow (5).jpg

The property boasts an impressive garden, with sandstone steps linking the outside with the in, and an orangery to make the most of the sun, when it decides to make an appearance.

danes hollow (2).jpg

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Eilish O'Carroll

Location: Toe Head, Castletownshend, West Cork


Earlier this year Mrs. Brown’s Boys star Eilish O’Carroll placed her West Cork home on the market, crediting the cottage for “saving” her life in 2000.

Just a few kilometres from Castletownshend, Eilish renovated the little house, re-roofing, re-plumbing and re-insulating to make it the perfect escape.


"That house saved my life, literally saved my life at a time when I had nothing."

"It was at a time in my life when I was running away to hide. And this was an amazing hideaway, this was like manna from heaven." SN TG EILISH P_10.jpg

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Darren Kennedy

Location: Dublin


Stylist and presenter Darren Kennedy lives in Dublin with his partner Aidan and his dog Harry.

"I've a bit of a shoe collection and I like to see them in all their glory so they've become as much a part of the decor as they have my wardrobe." NWS_2014-05-08_LIF_034_31587117_I1.JPG

Darren says: "Unintentional, eclectic and a little bit mis-matched. That's the way I like it. I guess my interior style reflects my life over the past couple of years – my travels, my family, my work, my hobbies. I love pops of bold bright colour and graphic print but nothing that's going to give you a headache."


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