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Top tips for avoiding jet lag

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Published 22/06/2015 | 02:30

Jet lag
Jet lag
Avoid napping as soon as you arrive to ward off jet lag

Wearing sunglasses on a long-haul flight may be one way to help combat jet lag when different time zones mean our sleeping cues are in disarray.

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The idea behind the glasses is that they control our exposure to natural and artificial light.

Other basic tips include:

* Establish a new routine - eat and sleep at the correct times for your new time zone, not at the time you usually eat and sleep at home

* Avoid napping as soon as you arrive - even if you're tired after a long flight, staying active until the correct time to sleep will help your body adjust quicker, according to NHS choices

* Spend time outdoors - natural light will help your body adjust to a new routine.

It's not possible to prevent jet lag, but there are things you can do to reduce its effects:

* Make sure you're well hydrated before flying and drink plenty of fluid (but not alcohol) during the flight. Try to rest during the flight by taking short naps

* If you're travelling east, start moving your bedtime earlier before you leave. Shift it a half-hour earlier each night for several nights before you leave.

* If you're traveling west, do the opposite. You can also try moving your meal times closer to the time you'll eat at your destination.

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