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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Pat Henry: Don't believe the models, there is no magic diet

No combination of foods will ever make an ordinary person look like a supermodel, says our fitness expert

Pat Henry
Pat Henry

Pat Henry

Nowadays, there are lots of models who tell us how they stay in shape and suggest that if you eat what they eat, you will be in great shape too.

I don't believe it for a second. Some of them train for five hours a day and live on practically no food, and maybe take lots of supplements. A lot of them got into shape because of the good advice from a reputable personal trainer. I remember having lunch one day with a well-known European supermodel who was really slim - all she had was one tomato, one slice of onion and water. Most top models were born looking amazing with great genes and a lot of luck, and if you ever speak to those who always look beautiful, be assured that, even though they may work at it, they had the foundations there since birth. For the average person, there is no 'magic' diet.

Whatever happened to real and ordinary food? Like our waistlines, our taste buds have expanded due to eating out and having too many of the foods that are high in bad fats, sugar and oils. If you just exercise regularly, eat well, with a combination of low GI foods, lean meats or fish, vegetables and fruits, sun ripened tomatoes, you will be lean and healthy. It's not rocket science. Moderation is key. Yes, you can make enormous improvement to your figure or physique with a strict diet, but you also have to lead a normal life to feel well, dress well, and make the best of what you have. Just keep your food simple.

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