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This Irish man shed an incredible 8 stone after ditching one seriously bad habit

Published 16/11/2016 | 14:52

Martin Loftus (46) shed eight stone through Unislim
Martin Loftus (46) shed eight stone through Unislim

A slimmed-down man has shed an incredible eight stone after ditching his worst habit - tucking into a daily full Irish breakfast.

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Martin Loftus (46) tipped the scales at almost 22 stone (139kg) and admitted that forgoing his calorie-laden fry-up each morning was the first step in his astonishing transformation.

Martin once weighed 21stone 10 pounds
Martin once weighed 21stone 10 pounds

“I used to be a fella who really looked forward to his breakfast,” said Martin.

“If I didn’t have the stuff for a fry-up in the house, I would go to a café first thing.  I still have my ‘fry-up’ sometimes, but I’ve cut out the sausages, and have lean bacon, eggs, grilled tomato and beans or else some overnight oats I make up sometimes instead.”

The Mayo-man revealed that weight was something he battled with since he was a teenager, a problem only exacerbated after moving to England for work when he was 16.

“I always battled with my weight ever since I was a teenager. I was 16 when I left school and I was working on building sites over in England. At that time, my main focus was socialising and my weight wasn’t a big concern to me, but it piled on as the years went on.

Martin admitted he used to love his daily 'fry-up'
Martin admitted he used to love his daily 'fry-up'

Years later, Martin moved back to Ireland and settled into a job in Dell in Limerick, but unfortunately was made redundant. Concerned about his weight, Martin’s wife Angela convinced him to attend a Unislim meeting with her in Newcastle West in Limerick.

“I was made redundant from my job in Dell a few years ago and I suppose I just became stuck in rut. Before that, shift work really did nothing to help my diet and the weight got out of control completely.

“A few years ago my wife mentioned she was going to join Unislim and I was adamant that I would not go. I was afraid it would be all women, but she convinced me to head along. It turned out that I was the only man, but I said I’d give it a go. At 21 stone 10pounds I knew that I had to do something about my weight.

“I said if I lost weight in the first week I would go back and I was astonished to have lost 8lbs that week on a plan that I didn’t find particularly difficult. If I lost that much in a week I thought to myself, how much could I lose in a month?”

Four months after joining, Martin had lost four stone and friends couldn’t believe how well he looked while attending a friend’s wedding.

“I was at a friend’s wedding that March, four months after I joined up, and I had lost four stone. Everyone kept telling me how great I was looking and it was a real motivation to just keep going with it. I joined the gym and began walking that bit more. After 18 months I had lost 8 stone, it really felt incredible after battling with weight all of my life,” said Martin, who now lives in Kent in the UK.

The dad of three who was crowned 2016’s Unislim Man of the Year, admitted he could not run across the road two years ago, and his size meant it was uncomfortable to even drive his car.

“Shopping was such a disaster. It was so difficult to find things to fit and whenever I went on a plane I would be so uncomfortable in the seats.

Martin was crowned Unislim Man of the Year
Martin was crowned Unislim Man of the Year

“Now I have loads of room. When I’m driving, my belly isn’t against the wheel anymore.

“For years I was battling with high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and now I’m running 10km races. I know that my health needed to be focused on for the sake of my daughters and I’m glad I’ve done that. Two years ago I couldn’t have run across the road,” he said.

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