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#13weekstil30: Vicki Notaro is beginning to see change as she takes to trampolining in her slim down mission

Vicki had a go at JumpZone on her mission to a slim 30th birthday!
Vicki's fridge is jam-packed with healthy greens
Vicki's healthy Boojum bowl
Vicki is beginning to see the changes after four weeks of #13weekstil30
Vicki attempted her first ever spin class this week
Vicki's lunch of chilli garlic prawns on avocado toast
Vicki's first Nutribullet
Fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and coconut dairy-free yoghurt with a bit of cinnamon
Vicki's healthy snacks
Twinning's Salted Caramel Tea has been helping Vicki keep her cravings at bay
Vicki Notaro

Vicki Notaro

Week four of Vicki Notaro's plan to shed the pounds ahead of her milestone 30th birthday.

All week, the fact that I would have my measurements taken for the first time since I started training was weighing on my mind. This set would be recorded 2.5 weeks after being told I have the body fat of an obese person, so I was really hoping it would be down. I was worried after indulging on my city break in Copenhagen, but it was great motivation to eat really well and log as much workout time as possible.


vicki (9).jpg

Vicki's fridge is packed with greens



Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, an online shop arrived Tuesday morning so I could get straight back on it after my trip.

vicki (10).jpg

Vicki's lunch of chilli garlic prawns on avocado toast

On Wednesday at 9am, a lovely girl knocked at the door proferring saintly breakfast items. The green juice and “free from everything” granola were to mark the launch of Sprout & Co, a new healthy café on Dawson St. I’m not a yoghurt girl – Joe says I make the most hideous faces while trying to force it down – but this was delicious. Fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and coconut dairy-free yoghurt with a bit of cinnamon, it was so good I went and bought another one later in the week, along with a gorgeous turkey satay salad. It’s great to hear of another healthy café opening in the city centre, and it’s been added to the list along with Staple Foods, Chopped and Mooch.

vicki (2).jpg

Fresh fruit, nuts, seeds and coconut dairy-free yoghurt with a bit of cinnamon

I’m a big fan of Boojum, and it is possible to eat well in a burrito bar. My post-training refuel lunch or dinner is an amended version of their Burrito Bowl - half a spoon of savoury basmati rice, a double portion of chicken, vegetables, pinto beans, two different kinds of salsa and some guacamole. They’ve locations in Dublin, Belfast and Galway.

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Vicki's healthy Boojum bowl

I was very kindly gifted a Nutribullet from Currys PC World this week; I’d been wanting to get one for ages. I’ve been making green Nutriblasts, and plan on branching out to hummus and guacamole next.

I wasn’t an angel though; in my line of work, I get sent a lot of delicious goodies and on Thursday I caved and demolished an Aero at lunch time. But besides that blip, I was balanced - carb-free brekkies, nourishing lunches and dinners and no bold snacking or alcohol. I had a cheat meal takeaway pizza on Saturday night, but it didn't feel worth it - saving my cheats for eating out in future.

I’ve worked out some alternatives for when the urge to snack hits:

*Loads of water. It really does help.

*Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea. It’s sugar and calorie free, flavoured with spices and as good for you as the plain stuff, but it tastes sweet and counterattacks cravings.

*Quest Bars are the only protein bars Mairead recommends for after a particularly heavy session if you’re feeling wobbly, but I’ve only ever managed half of one.  Beware, these are only to be eaten post workout.

*I like a Bunalun thin rice cake with my tea after dinner, and have a snack pack of almonds in my bag at all times.


I got in five active days this week – wahoo! On Monday we spent the day cycling around Copenhagen before our flight. Believe me, three hours on a bike definitely counts as a workouy (and can also result in extreme saddle soreness if you’re foolish enough to wear a dress and tights, FYI).

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Wednesday I was back in with Mairead, and I’m pleased to say I was in much better shape after this session than the previous week. On Thursday I visited JumpZone in Sandyford for a trampolining workout, and it ain’t easy. I was wheezing within minutes because there’s lots of cardio as well as aerobics and conditioning. Anyone hoping to just go and bounce around, you’re out of luck – by the end, everyone was pumping sweat. It wasn’t really for me; I have a dodgy knee tendon that’s a little inflamed since I got back training (Mairead is keeping a close eye on it) and I just felt like the jumping was a little precarious – plus my ears popped every time I bounced, which probably has something to do with my sinus issues. But it was fun and different, and nice to get out of the gym.

vicki (6).jpg

Vicki had a go at JumpZone on her mission to a slim 30th birthday!

Saturday, I tried my first ever spinning class. Mairead teaches it at One Escape ([] and she’d been encouraging me to try it, but I was scared! It wasn’t half as bad as I feared – I went at my own pace while still pushing myself, the unpleasantness was temporary and I felt amazing afterwards. No DOMS either. Because I was off the booze this weekend, I managed a Sunday weights session too. Smug levels off the charts.

vicki (7).jpg

Vicki attempted her first ever spin class this week



Mairead took my Tanita measurements Saturday before Spinning, 2.5 weeks after the first round. And even though I ate pizza, chips and cinnamon rolls, and drank beer and wine on my weekend away (and ate a feckin’ Aero) – I LOST WEIGHT! I’m down 1.5kg, which works out at about 1.5lbs a week.

Mairead says this is the best way to slim down for long-term results – slow and steady, shedding 1-2lbs every seven days. My body fat is down 1.5%, muscle mass up 1% and my BMI has dropped. I guess there is something to this "eat less crap and move more" theory after all.

It’s not a massive drop, but I haven’t made a massive sacrifice. I’ve just been living a healthier version of my normal life, which is what I’ve wanted all along. I’m feeling very encouraged, and we’ll be taking measurements every 2 weeks from now on.


Height: 5’6.5 (172cm)

Weight: 12 stone 2.5lb (78.4kg)  -  down 1.5kg or 3.4lbs

Bust: 36F

Dress/jeans size: 12

BMI: 26.6 (Over 25 is overweight) – down from 27.1

Body Fat %: 40% - Down from 41.5%

Follow my journey on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat under the username vickinotaro vicki (8).jpg

Vicki is beginning to see the changes after four weeks of #13weekstil30

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