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The workout plan that will banish your bingo wings

Published 06/09/2012 | 09:41

First lady Michelle Obama is famous for her toned arms.
First lady Michelle Obama is famous for her toned arms.

Michelle Obama has many wonderful attributes and not to reduce her to a body part, but those arms!

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Shapely and muscular the first lady is obviously proud of them as she so often gets them out at functions and on the cover of magazines.

Not that Michelle herself thinks that they’re especially amazing. “"I just saw two weeks of Olympics athletes who have real arms, so I always wonder, well, what is it?" she old the iVillage website recently. "My arms do not compete with people who have 'real' arms."

But of course she’s modest. Her toned arms have become inspirational to many women are battling the dreaded bingo wings and flabby upper arms.

If 48-year-old Michelle can perform all her first lady duties, raise two children and run the White House and still have time to work on those arms, what’s stopping anyone else from doing so.

It’s not known exactly what kind of exercises Michelle does but it’s a known fact that she rises at 4.30am for her work out.

"I usually get to the gym before [Barack] does. But he is usually there either in the middle of my workout or right at the end," she says of their joint sessions. And luckily for her, she enjoys exercise.

“For me, [exercise] is a de-stresser, first and foremost," she says. She also tries to fit in her work out no matter where is. "I bring a jump rope. I can usually do some jump-roping in the hotel room," she says. "If I don't have a rope or space, I might do a 30-minute routine that includes a minute of jumping jacks, alternating with a minute of pushups and then some sit-ups. You take a 30-second break and do it again."

But experts say that the way to get beautiful arms is to combine strength-training with cardio to lower your body fat.

For Obama arms within 1-2 months, Kathy Smith, the creator of the ‘Total Body Lift’ workout, suggests the following six moves with 3 pound dumbbells, three times of week, and it should only take you 15 minutes a session:

- The Sun Salutation yoga position, six times

- Shoulder press progression, with dumbbells, 8-12 times

- Dumbbell curls, 8-12 times

- Tricep sits, 6 times

- Double cross, 15 times with each leg

- Staggered push ups, starting with five reps and working your way up to 20

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